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We can fit your industrial or commercial premises with all kinds of mechanical and electric doors.

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We are the roller door specialists when it comes to roller shutters, roller doors, garage doors and car park doors. We also provide annual servicing, repairs, motorisation and accessories for industrial, commercial and domestic doors and shutters.

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Roller Door & Roller Shutter Servicing

Servicing of your roller door or shutter is a positive step in ensuring that your roller door or shutter and electric door operator’s safety features are working as they should be. There are certain safety features on most modern day operators that require adjustment according to the balance weight of your roller door or shutter. As time passes moving parts wear and can become very stiff and change this balance, causing these features to become unreliable.

It is therefore important to restore this balance to your roller door or shutter by a regular checkup and service, to ensure that these safety features are in a reliable and safe working condition, to prevent injury to a loved one, or an essential necessity today – your car!

Pro Doors recommends regular 6 to 12 month servicing on all industrial and commercial doors depending on how often the door is used. Please contact us if you wish to arrange regular servicing for your industrial or commercial doors or shutters.