Domestic Electric Door Operators

These devices are generally available for most door types, Roller doors, sectional overhead doors, roller shutters, Hi-speed/rapid roll doors, Boom gates, swing and sliding gates, etc.

They consist of an electric motor, and reduction gearbox, a travel distance measuring system (mechanical or electronic), with a control centre.

All domestic and some industrial operators can also have wireless Communications for hand held remote transmitters, Safety sensing, current overdraw, service counter, error code recording etc.

Our installations include servicing your door to ensure smoothest and quietest operation possible, and this in turn ensures longest possible operational life for both door and door operator. We sell the leading end of technology and as with all products, features and quality will determine selling Price.

We strive to sell and install the best quality products for your requirements.

For Domestic Roller Doors

ATA and Merlin operators

Automatic garage door openers make coming and going from your home a breeze. Our automatic openers are powered by quiet and powerful DC motors and are designed and engineered in Australia. Regardless of the brand of your garage door, Automatic Technology has the garage door opener solution to suit.



  • Slim Fit 600N Motor
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Easy Access Transmitter
  • Suit Door Sizes up to 16.5m


Our new flagship roll-up garage door opener, the GDO-6 Easy Roller Gen2 expands on the international standard set by its predecessor. Retaining the proven slimness, technological performance and reliable mechanics, this new opener introduces key technologies including Wireless Safety Beams compatibility and LED lighting.

The GDO-6 Easy Roller Gen2 takes forward the impressive reputation built by this series over the past decade. Added to this new version is compatibility with Wireless Safety Beams Ready, bright white LED lighting, and extra transmitter memory. Still included in the plethora of features is Trio Code 128, Soft Start/Soft Stop, the ability to fit within as little as 40mm between the door curtain and bracket, and advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing.

MERLIN MR650EVO and MR850EVO residential Roller Door Openers

The MR650 and MR850 have been engineered for the reliability and durability associated with Merlin garage door openers, slimline profile.

The Merlin MR650 and MR850 are the ideal solution for automating residential rolling garage doors.

  • A powerful and quiet 24V DC motor for doors up to 16.5m(MR650) / 18m (MR850)
  • Soft Start/Soft Stop operation for smooth opening and closing
  • Auto safety reverse and auto force sensing for safety and security
  • Ultra-bright energy saving LED lighting, super low standby power
  • Side room minimum — 45mm and minimal headroom
  • 2 year general warranty and 5 year motor warranty – subject to annual door servicing
  • 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection
  • Input voltage: 240V AC
  • Rated door area: 16.5m (MR650) 18m(MR850)
  • Rated door weight: 100kg / 110kg
  • Force maximum: 500N (MR650) 550N (MR850)

ATA GDO-8 Shed Master®


  • Weather resistant design
  • Perfect for exposed areas
  • Secure keyed lockout
  • Suits Door Sizes up to 15m


With a tough, IP24 rated weather resistant housing, the Shed Master®is perfect for exposed applications like perimeter doors and open carports. With a keyed lockout for added security and slim fit design, it is ready for harsh and testing environments.

Standard features also include Intelligent Safety System, Door Profiling and Automatic Technology’s own TrioCode transmitter system. This opener will tell you when it’s due for a service and prevents unauthorised entry with a built-in lockout system.  If you need a solution to last in all weather conditions then this is the opener for your door.

MERLIN Weather Drive MR550EVO for carports/sheds

  • 75% Less power (less than 1w of energy in standby Mode)
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Improved remote range
  • Auto door power mapping
  • 3 year warranty

Suits single or double roller doors – 3 YEAR WARRANTY

With a market leading weather resistant IP34 design, the new Merlin Weather Drive™ has a slimline design to fit into the tightest of spaces whilst also providing LED lighting as standard.

Sectional overhead door operators (panel doors)



  • Strong 800N Motor
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Proven Reliability
  • Suits Door Sizes up to 16.5m2

Fitted with a steel C-Rail and a strong 800N DC motor, the feature-rich Dynamo

offers all the performance and safety that a busy family home requires, yet will leave you with change in your wallet.
With a sleek look the Dynamo provides the ideal balance between garage door opener performance and affordability. An ideal long lasting solution for busy families, it offers an excellent mix of safety systems, Trio Code128 technology, courtesy light and service reminder to make this an excellent long-lasting opener for homes with a sectional garage door. It can be readily upgraded to include battery backup, and belt drive for improved quietness and peace of mind. When you want a workhorse, this is the opener to buy.

Merlin Power Ace and Tilt master

Designed specifically for tilt doors, and large Sectional overhead doors, this opener is quiet, powerful and reliable. –

  • Merlin Security+2.0– latest multi frequency technology allowing remote operation even when there is interference from other wireless devices.
  • Variable Speed – select speed to suit Tilt door or Sectional overhead door.
  • Bright LED lighting– 16 energy efficient bright LED lights provide light for approx. 2.5minutes after activation.
  • 75% Less Energy – less than 1watt in Standby
  • Quiet and Powerful DC Motor
  • Adaptive Technology – Automatic power adjustment and electronic mapping of the door adapts to change in door spring and hinge operation that naturally occurs with varying weather conditions & age.
  • Safety Reversing System – If the garage door is obstructed while closing, it automatically stops and reverses, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops.
  • 7 Year Warranty – Conditions apply!

Sliding gates and swings



The Neo Slider range combines clever electronics and robust mechanics to make residential sliding gate automation simple. It features a variety of operating modes, keyed lockout, numerous inputs to interfacing with devices such as intercoms, and options for battery back-up and solar.

This is the gate opener that has it all. Tough weather resistant housing, intelligent features such as Soft Start/Soft Stop and Gate Profiling, Auto Close, Service Indicator, Pedestrian and Vacation Modes, as well as Keyed Lockout System. In addition, it has a suite of controlling inputs to interface with intercoms, loop detectors and other auxiliary devices. You can also upgrade to Battery Backup, Smart Solar and a Courtesy Light to give you peace of mind.

Centurion Sliding gate operator D5

12v Industrial operator with battery back up
The D5 EVO sliding gate operator is an innovative product designed for industrial applications which need a fast operating speed combined with an easy to program LCD control panel.

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