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Pro Doors supply Roller Doors from the leading manufacturers to ensure you receive the best door for your application and design. Our ongoing success in this field is due continuously keeping update with market requirements and manufacturers improvements to provide a reliable, quiet and durable Roller door. With a superior quality roller door and required maintenance, you should have years of trouble free service. We have Roller doors custom made to suit your opening in the wide range of Colorbond Colours to complement the existing colouring of your home.

There are options available that may suit your application like

  • A Tapered bottom panel to suit a sloping surface.
  • A ventilated /slotted panel to allow airflow and visual sight through the door when closed
  • A door operator to provide convenience and affluence to door and home!


Standard Roller door curtains are available in thicknesses of 0.4 -0.5mm. In some cases where high wind loading can be expected the Curtain may even be supplied with Wind clips on the edges of the curtain that travel in the guides. The curtain material profile may differ between manufacturers. On the each vertical edge of the curtain, a woven nylon strip is attached to facilitate a smooth, quiet travel of the curtain up and down the guide/track channel.

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Technical Description

Commercial / domestic Roller Doors

Roller doors can be used for both commercial; and Domestics purposes. They are a flexible covering for an opening in a building or garage that can be opened and closed easily. The principal method is to roll up the covering to allow access and roll down the covering again to seal off access.

Roller doors have been designed to suit commercial and domestic premises (garages). They are made of a continuous sheet metal, profiled, to give the sheeting strength to with stand reasonable wind and force loading. The base sheeting is finished in a zinc, primed painted finish or “Colorbond”
finish. Opening sizes may range from 3 to 25m 2

A typical door construction would consist of an axle with internal counter balance spring/s to match the weight loading of the curtain and bottom rail. Guides to secure the curtain travel against the wall. The roller door could be hand operated; chain operated, either directly, or through a reduction
gear assembly, or operated by an electric door operator.

Bottom rail

A bottom rail, is normally made from Aluminium extrusion with an integrated weather seal to strengthen the base of the curtain. The weather seal is attached to seal off against the concrete floor, to control dust and rain from entering on the floor line when the roller door is closed.

Axles, Springs and drum wheels

A Steel tube axle extends through the full width of the opening on which the coiled torsion springs are mounted. The springs are attached between the axle and the curtain drum wheels. The curtain is attached to the drum wheels. Torsion springs of various lengths and diameters are utilised to counter balance the curtain weight and minimise force required to open and close the door. The tube axles are clamped to, and supported by wall mountings.

Wall mountings (Brackets)

Wall mountings are fixed on either side just above the top of the opening to support the weight of the door and door operator if fitted.

Guides (tracks)

These are located on either side of the opening and are attached to the wall. Guides are made to suit environment and size /type of Roller door. Guides are made from rolled formed galvanised steel into a “U” shaped Channel for the curtain to travel up and down in. They can vary in depth, width, thickness and method of attachment. When a “Wind lock” method is required, then a custom designed guide is used to interlock with “Wind lock” end clips on the curtain.

Operation method

Roller doors can be hand operated; chain operated, either directly, or through a reduction gear assembly, or operated by an electric door operator.
Method of operation is generally is determined firstly by the type and size of the roller door, and secondly by the users’ requirements

The following methods of operation can be:-

  • Hand lift, – small domestic garage Roller doors, tuck shops, tool boxes, food serveries, etc.
  • Direct chain lift – is used when the opening height is above a person’s reach. Used up to approx. 3m high.
  • Reduction gearing hand chain lift – when the size and height of the roller door require it. approx. 3 -5.1m high.
  • Electric Door operation, – when size requires it or user desires automation.

Any of the above manual operated doors can also be automated.

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