Roller Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters

An Industrial roller shutter is a flexible covering for an opening in a building that can be opened and closed easily. The principal method is to roll up the covering to allow access and roll down the covering again to seal off access.
Roller shutter doors have been designed to suit industrial and commercial premises. They are commonly constructed in concave galvanised (option of a powder coat finished) Slats. Opening sizes may range from 4 to 60 m2.

Operation method

Roller shutters can be hand operated; chain operated either directly, or through a reduction gear assembly, or operated by an electric door operator.
This generally is determined firstly by the type and size of the roller shutter. And Secondly by the
users’ requirements
The methods can be:-
Hand lift. Suitable for small Roller shutters, truck shutters, tool box shutters, food counters, etc
Direct chain lift Suitable for when the height of the opening is far above a person’s reach.
Reduction gearing Suitable when the size of the roller shutter and height requires it
Electric Door operation Suitable when the size requires it and the user requires automation.

Any of the above manual operated doors can also be automated.

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